YCCS Virgin Gorda - Virgin Gorda Beaches

Virgin Gorda Beaches

Big Trunk Bay
This is a spectacular beach on Virgin Gorda's north shore, just east of Spring Bay. The wide sand beach is reachable by boat or along a rough path from Spring Bay. It boarders a private estate.

Devil's Bay
Another section of The Baths Protected Area, Devil's Bay is located just west of The Baths. It can be reached by a meandering path from the parking lot at the top of the park. You can also reach it from The Baths, by scrambling along the ladders and pathways within the grottoes. The beach itself is a lovely u-shaped beach fringed with white sand. The snorkeling and swimming are both good.

Mahoe Bay
Mahoe Bay beach is a pretty white sand beach at the Mango Bay Resort that has a gently curving stretch of sand and vivid blue water. The beach is lined with guest villas and is good for swimming and sunbathing. There is a restaurant at the far western end of the bay.

Oil Nut Bay Beach
Nestled on a private peninsula on the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda sits the lush Oil Nut Bay. Its white sand beach faces dazzling turquoise waters with an average depth of only five feet. Visit the Oil Nut Bay Beach Club by appointment. Email us for further details.

Prickly Pear, North Sound
This is an island in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda that is a beach lover's dream come true. It has a long pristine stretch of sand and because it is in the sheltered North Sound, has calm water with a slightly grassy bottom, for swimming. There is a restaurant and beach bar serving local food and burgers so if you are stranded on this desert isle you won't go hungry or thirsty.

Savannah Bay
This is a sandy beach that is located along a thin neck of land that joins The Valley section of Virgin Gorda to North Sound. It is stunning to look down on from the road and because it is fairly sheltered, is good for both swimming and sunbathing. There's not much shelter from the sun though, so bring the sun block.

Spring Bay
This is a beautiful white sand beach, and like the neighboring Baths, it is sprinkled with giant boulders. It has crystal clear water that makes it ideal for swimming and you can snorkel the sandy bottom and along the underwater boulders. Although part of The Baths Protected Area, it is reached by road.

The Baths
With its giant boulders that form a series of spectacular pools and grottoes, The Baths is one of the B.V.I.'s favorite attractions. The sandy beach itself is small, and sprinkled with majestic rocks and has some trees for shade. The area, along with Devil's Bay and Spring Bay, is part of the BVI's National Parks system, and to help one explore the labyrinthine like grottoes, the National Parks Trust has provided a series of wooden ladders and ropes over some of the boulders. Outside, there is a beach bar and restroom facilities. There is also excellent snorkeling along the areas nearby underwater boulders and reef.


Day Charters
We apologize for any inconvenience, however due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Virgin Gorda will remain closed until further notice.

We are grateful to all those friends, members and associates who have reached out to us with messages of support over the past months and we thank you for your understanding.

At the moment we are not taking any reservations for the Clubhouse or Marina, however if you require any further information please contact info@yccs.it.