YCCS Virgin Gorda - British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

One of the world's best kept secrets...Discover a new paradise with each visit
The BVI is comprised of 50 islands and cays in the Caribbean Sea and is well known for its world-class sailing, wonderful people, high standards of living, safety and natural beauty .
The official currency of the BVI is the US Dollar.
The BVI is comprised of 16 inhabited and more than 34 uninhabited islands. Road Town, the capital and largest town, is situated on Tortola.
First settled by the Dutch in 1684, the BVI was annexed in 1672 by the English. The islands were granted separate colony status in 1960, and became autonomous in 1967.

If you are considering exploring the BVI by boat:
•    The year-round climate is balmy with low relative humidity. Temperatures are moderated by trade winds and rarely drop below 77º F (25ºC) in the winter, or rise above 82ºF(28ºC) in the summer.
•    Rainfall averages 40 inches per year.
•    The islands feature a rich mixture of spectacular topography. Anegada, the northernmost island, is formed from coral and limestone. Other islands, including Virgin Gorda, are mountainous, offering scenic vistas and views.
•    Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke are the largest islands.
The pristine waters and breezes of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea offer a playground for all boaters and an ideal setting for the world's best sailing and yachting. Owners, captains, and guests will find that the area is perfect for day cruising and touring the area's many sites.

Day Charters
We apologize for any inconvenience, however due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Virgin Gorda will remain closed until further notice.

We are grateful to all those friends, members and associates who have reached out to us with messages of support over the past months and we thank you for your understanding.

At the moment we are not taking any reservations for the Clubhouse or Marina, however if you require any further information please contact info@yccs.it.